Fabpiks is a digital product sampling platform helping marketers sample their products to encourage trial and drive purchases effectively and efficiently. Through digitally targeted sampling programs, we help brands reach and build relationships with high-value consumers. Seriously we would like to help.

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"Let Them Try Before They Buy”

Why Fabpiks!

Our solutions & offers engage consumers in the comforts of their homes or while on the go. Our digital solutions accelerate conversion by helping consumers move through the purchase funnel faster.

Unparallel Reach

Pan India reach, access to quality users

Consumer insights

Ratings, reviews, Surveys, Know you customer

Post Sampling Outreach & Data Analytics

Retargeting/Redirection, Get Consumer Insights

Real Time Tracking

Live Dashboards, Zero Pilferage

Verified Consumer Details

OTP verified Data & Consumer preferences

Social Media Leverage

Piggy back on our Social Medial Interaction, Be an influencer on Fabpiks Community

How It works

In-Home Product Sampling Experience



Users sign up on the FP app & need to complete a detailed of family, shopping preferences etc., for precise targeting. Our micro surveys (with rewards threw in) help understand better.



Fabpiks sends targeted feedback surveys to users who have tested your products. We gather insights from that data-driven report your brand can leverage to grow, expand, and refine your offering



Users get rewarded with fab points for every action on the app-from trails, surveys, feedback, sharing etc. These points can be redeemed for exciting freebies.



Once a consumer has tried your product, Fabpiks retarget users based on their buying intent, feedback, and behaviour. This allows your brand to build relationships with the interested consumer.


Sampling Results

Increase Brand Awareness

By reaching out to our fast-increasing base of consumers via our app & our venue-based vending machines and consistent digital reach campaigns.

Boost Sales & Conversion

By connecting your brand to qualified leads, fabpiks helps you maintain consistent engagement with consumers through a variety of methods-from post-purchase follow-ups and incentives to retargeting campaigns.

Targeted Audience

Our brand select program enables you to shortlist & use who exactly fits into your brand's profile. Our trail store & survey further helps us understand consumer profiles, and preferences and help you filter consumer basis hundreds of attributes.


Our targeted surveys and analytics on customers who have tried your product or service help gather meaningful feedback and help you discover actionable insight that inform strategy, messaging, product positioning and more .

You’re in good company

Fabpiks has deep expertise in the product sampling industry. Our agency Reach Smart ( http://www.reachsmart.in/ ) pioneered the industry by aggregating over 100 offline & online consumer networks such as e-comm, delivery apps, co-works, tech parks, condominiums, inflight sampling, cinema halls etc.

Measurable Impact & Influence

Our solutions are customized to scale your promotion with efficiency and better return on ad spending. Incorporate a QR code or redirect links into your campaign on our platform to deepen consumer engagement and accelerate purchase conversion with data capture




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