Fabpiks is a digital product sampling platform helping marketers sample their products to encourage trial and drive purchases effectively and efficiently. Through digitally targeted sampling programs, we help brands reach and build relationships with high-value consumers. Seriously we would like to help..

"Let Them Try Before They Buy”

You’re in good company

Fabpiks has deep expertise in the product sampling industry. Our agency Reach Smart ( http://www.reachsmart.in/ ) pioneered the industry by aggregating over 100 offline & online consumer networks such as e-comm, delivery apps, co-works, tech parks, condominiums, inflight sampling, cinema halls etc.

Measurable Impact & Influence

Our solutions are customized to scale your promotion with efficiency and better return on ad spending. Incorporate a QR code or redirect links into your campaign on our platform to deepen consumer engagement and accelerate purchase conversion with data capture




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