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Fabpiks Vendy

India’s first self serving sample vending machine

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Reinventing traditional way of sampling with a self help model

AVAILABLE AT - Worldmark, Gurugram

Engage Explore Expand Among the Right Audience

Tickle Their Taste Buds, Indulge Their Curiosity, and Treat Them to a Peek of Fabulousness:
Spoil Your Customers with Exquisite Product Experiences!

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Showcase products to a wide range of
potential customers

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Consistent experience with our touchless & automated dispensing

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Reach your sampled shoppers with conversion campaigns, feedback to drive sales

Vendyverse: Lift Your Brand with Vendy

Enhances Brand Image. Boosts Sales

Captures the customer's mindset and makes them want to be a part of it

Market Survey. Feedback & Reviews

It helps you get feedback on your ideas and make sure you're on the right track

Data Insights. Instant Product Sampling

Helps you conquer your competition and win over your customers

Brand Exposure. Product Testing

Helps you understand your customers and give them what they want, while also helping you improve your products and services

The Benefits of Vendy: A Strong Presence

0% Pilferage

100% Accountability & Automated Dispensing Process

Realtime Customer Data

Analyse acquired data on your personalised Dashboard

Targeted Campaigns

Design consumer centric campaign targeting the Potential Buyers

Display Your Brand

Display your Videos & Images on a 22 inch display screen

Real Time Monitoring of

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